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The Elephant Whisperer Movie

A film by Robin Goode

The Elephant Whisperer

Based on the international bestselling book
by Lawrence Anthony

A Living Legacy

Project Overview

The Elephant Whisperer

A self-important businessman buys a game reserve in Africa and learns the true meaning of love, loyalty and sacrifice when he naively attempts to save a herd of rogue elephants.


Robin Goode


English, Zulu, French


Dylan Voogt, Justin Cohen


South Africa

Running Time:

110 Mins




Adaptation / Adventure / Drama

The Book

Set against the backdrop of life on an African game reserve, with unforgettable characters and exotic wildlife, “The Elephant Whisperer” is an international bestselling autobiographical book by Lawrence Anthony.

The book has sold in more than 30 countries and has been translated into 20 languages including Mandarin. A young readers adaptation is also available.

The 5 star rating is a result of over 5000 reviews on Amazon for both versions of the book.


“I have to confess: I read The Elephant Whisper solely because I’m the author of Cool Creatures, Hot Planet – a book in the same “Wildlife” category on Amazon. Several times my book would be headed for # 1, only to be blocked by Lawrence Anthony’s book. And the few times my book did reach #1, The Elephant Whisperer would invariably come back later and reclaim the top spot.”

– Marty Essen, Author

Amazon Review.

“Wow. Loved this book. Originally purchased it as an audible book to listen as I exercised. It was so good, I sent a copy to a friend who loved it so much she sent it on also. Then, purchased it as a Christmas gift for another friend who spent several years raising a family in South Africa. She absolutely enjoyed the book as well and is passing it along to her daughter. Who knows how many more copies will be purchased and read by my family and friends simply because it’s so good!”

– Sam Smart

Amazon Review

“His interaction with these Elephants teaches us a very valuable lesson about our relationship with all other beings. He also teaches us that these animals have a sense of family and are able to show emotion and caring to humans and to each other. This is a captivating story and a lesson on life. This book is truly a five star story. I did not want it to end.”

– Nick Gullo

Amazon review


The Elephant Whisperer


A self-important businessman buys a game reserve in Africa and learns the true meaning of love, loyalty and sacrifice when he naively attempts to save a herd of rogue elephants.

A Living Legacy

Lawrence Anthony was an internationally acclaimed conservationist, best selling author and much loved husband and father.

Director's Journey

“I was commissioned to shoot a commercial on The Elephant Whisperer story, which brought me into Lawrence, Nana and Francoise’s world. Whilst shooting the commercial I realised that have the incredible potential for human-like empathy” – Robin Goode

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Meet The Team


Robin Goode


Robin started his career as an Art director and Designer working for Lowe Bull and then Leo Burnett in Italy. He created an international collective caller Paperkut which held exhibitions and released a magazine in Italy…


Dylan Voogt


Dylan Voogt is one of South Africa’s most sought after producers, with nearly two decades of industry experience. In his ten years at one of SA’s premiere production facilitation companies, Dylan fulfilled almost…


Justin Cohen


Justin’s obsession with the picture developed at an early age with countless hours spent in local cinema,as ad videos stores catching every tittle. As an eager cinephile he graduated with a BA Honours at AFDA…


Asger Hussain


Asger Hussain is an award-winning film producer with 15+ years of experience in development, production and international sales. He has managed large scale productions on location as well…