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The Elephant Whisperer Movie

Director's Journey

“The Elephant Whisperer is a very personal project for me. I grew up in the African bush and had a run in with an elephant at just six years of age when my father and I were charged by a bull.

I have been entranced by these mysterious animals forever since and have come to learn how intelligent, sentient and emotional these animals are with my many experiences at Thula Thula.

I was commissioned to shoot a commercial on The Elephant Whisperer story, which brought me into Lawrence, Nana and Francoise’s world. Whilst shooting the commercial I realized that the elephants have the incredible potential for human-like empathy.

I realised then, that we had to adapt The Elephant Whisperer, that it was possible and that it would make an incredible film.”

“This film has every opportunity to be a contemporary classic.”


Director's Statement

The Elephant Whisperer is a nature connection story about belonging. In a world where we are increasingly becoming islands of our own existence the concept of a herd’s love, compassion and loyalty shine a mirror on our own shortcomings as a human race. The tragic truth is that there is no place for elephants in the modern world. Only by allowing them a place inside of ourselves will we guarantee them sanctuary in this changing world.

This sense of belonging somewhere is the driving force within the narrative. It is a controlling idea that wraps up Lawrence and Francoise, the tribal land and the elephants themselves. As the fog of capitalism and the modern world close in they must decide to save that which makes the world worth saving..

My vision is to tell a contemporary story in a classic manner. Paying homage to great films such as Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves and The English Patient. A sweeping epic that will engage the heart and mind with equal vigor, shedding light on the connections, rhythms and heartbeat of the bush itself.

An evocative and timeless narrative that conveys a sense of inclusion and oneness with the natural world, the one we have forgotten.