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The Elephant Whisperer Movie


‘The Elephant Whisperer’ movie presents a unique and timeous opportunity for the discerning and environmentally conscious investor and an attractive equity position remains available for parties interested in a major motion picture aimed at an international audience of all ages.

The choice to develop this best selling and well-loved novel for the big screen was a considered one. ‘The Elephant Whisperer’ is an international bestseller, 150,000 copies in the US alone. Sold in over thirty countries.

The book has been expertly developed into a screenplay that remains true to the original story, respecting the known audience whilst maximizing the cinematic scale. A world-class classic that rubs shoulders with and pays homage to the great African animal adventure films of the past.

The film will be shot on location in South Africa and investors will have the opportunity to meet and experience Lawrence’s living legacy; Thula Thula Game reserve, led by his wife Francois and his surviving herd of elephants led by the remarkable matriarch Nana.

Film investment is demonstrably uncorrelated to the equity, property or bond markets and is proving to be very resilient even during these challenging financial times. Film investment continues to show the potential for a significant upside. Today’s empowered consumer has an unprecedented choice of content and media formats. The rise of increasingly competitive streaming platforms means that films are reaching more audiences than ever before.

‘The Elephant Whisperer’ has been developed in partnership with the South African National Video and Film Foundation and is eligible for a minimum tax rebate incentive of 25%.

For further details on the investment opportunity, contact our expert producer led finance team.